Entrance test for admission to engineering courses

The chairman of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe informed that an entrance examination will be conducted for admission to engineering courses all over the country from the academic year 2019-20.

He told just as being done for admission to medical courses, it is being planned to conduct a similar All India Entrance Test for admission to engineering courses as well.

This would be introduced from the academic year 2019-20. The states will be given autonomy regarding the admission following the quota system without any disturbance to the counselling system prevailing in Tamil Nadu.

By writing a common entrance test, the students from Tamil Nadu will have the opportunity to get admissions in other IITs and NITs in other states.

Further, action will be taken to close the engineering colleges which have a record of less than 30% admission for 5 successive years.

Thorough scrutiny will be carried out by a monitoring committee on the functioning of colleges about which lots of complaints were received. Apart from this, 5% engineering colleges will be chosen on a random basis when scrutiny will be carried out.

Changes will be made in the semester question paper formats. The questions will be set in such a way that the students must have read the entire syllabus and understood. This will ensure that the students will have a thorough grasp about the syllabus.

In order to reduce the anxiety felt by the students from rural areas when they join the engineering colleges, a special encouragement scheme will be implemented in all colleges before the end of July.

Thanks: Livechennai