Answers for NEET included in the revised syllabus for +1

The answers to the various difficult questions asked in the NEET (National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test) have been included as lessons in the textbooks in the revised syllabus for the +1 class.


This initiative is expected to prepare the students better for writing NEET and help them in passing NEET.


A pass in NEET is mandatory for the students pursuing to join medical courses – MBBS and BDS.


NEET for this academic year was conducted on 6th May.


1.07 Lakh candidates from Tamil Nadu and 13 Lakhs candidates throughout the country wrote this NEET.


There have been persistent complaints that the questions of NEET are taken from the CBSE syllabus. The parents keep explaining that the students studying under the Tamil Nadu government syllabus are not able to cope and succeed in NEET.


The Tamil Nadu state education minister, K. A. Senogttaiyan, has been stressing that the syllabus is being revised to exceed the standards of CBSE syllabus. In this situation, the revised syllabus was released 2 weeks ago.


The officials from the state department of education reviewed the revised syllabus to ascertain whether features regarding the NEET conducted in recent years have been included in this revised syllabus.


The various difficult questions asked in NEET which could not be taken up by the Tamil Nadu government syllabus students have been included as lessons in the revised syllabus.


Thus, in the revised textbooks, the answers for 11 difficult NEET questions on Chemistry, 29 difficult NEET questions on Botany, and 21 difficult NEET questions on Zoology have been included.


Summing up, 96 questions in the +1 and 84 questions in the +2 classes as per the new Tamil Nadu syllabus have been included in NEET.


The officials of the education department of the Tamil Nadu state government have expressed that there are excellent prospects of the students under this revised Tamil Nadu government syllabus doing well and passing NEET in large numbers.
Thanks: livechennai