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Course Details

About Course

In today’s society, co-operatives are becoming complex business entities with increasing demands from their members being placed on them. Members are demanding from their cooperatives that they satisfy a wide range of needs resulting in societies having an extremely diverse product spread. Thus, co-operatives are playing an ever increasingly significant role globally in “facilitating job creation, economic growth and social development.

The Master of Arts Degree in Co-operative Studies aims to educate persons in the Credit Union/Co-operative sector and mould professionals to keep the unique nature of the movement alive. This degree would enable persons in the field of Credit Unions/Co-operatives to be exposed to the major areas and skills that are required to work at all levels in the organization. The Master of Arts in Co-operative Studies fulfils the need for academic training to enhance the management and supervisory capability of the Co-operative movement and to make for greater efficiency in the operations of credit unions in particular and Co-operative societies in general.

Course Benefit / Advantages

Upon successful completion of the Master's Programme students will

* Have a thorough understanding of the nature, purpose, operations, structure and regulatory framework of co-operatives in general
* Link the rich historical background of cooperatives to modern societal needs, understand and manage the changing /evolving business and social environment of co-operatives
* Supervise and advise members and elected officers on the operations and formation of co-operative business
* Manage a co-operative as a business enterprise combining modern management techniques and the values and principles associated with cooperatives
* Manage the resources of the co-operative in a manner that reflects the people centeredness and true nature of co-operative societies
* Assist in the development of training courses for Co-operatives and their officers

Opportunities - Field of Employement

The knowledge and skills that are to be gained from the Master of Arts Degree would not limit persons to work only within the sector, but would also enable them to branch out into any other form of business for employment. Equally as important is the need to have regulators who are specially trained at the highest level of Cooperative Management to ensure that they can adequately supervise and advise the Movement.

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