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Course Details

About Course

From computers to mobile phones, electronics is the technology that touches all aspects of our lives. Electronics is about creating microchip devices for sensing, processing, storing, and transmitting information.

The challenge for electrical and electronic systems engineers is to integrate smarter devices into more efficient systems that can do more but use less energy. This may be new style domestic appliances for 'smart' houses or remote actuation of renewable energy plants. This is a broad, application-based course.

The continued worldwide growth in all aspects of electrical and electronic technology means that our graduates are able to pursue an extensive and exciting range of engineering and other professional careers.

You will be well placed to contribute to the growing requirement to reduce energy consumption and produce less environmental pollution. Using your knowledge you will be able to think creatively and laterally and help secure the future of the next generation.


A company placement programme takes place in the first year of the course from February to September to provide students with a real experience of the working environment. Past companies who have been involved in industrial placement includes: Intel, Ericsson, Analog Devices, Guidant, Honeywell, ESB, and many more.

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