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Govt. Arts College for Women, Tirunelveli

College Name Govt. Arts College for Women
College Category Arts & Science
Affiliated University Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
College Type Womens
Institution Type Government
Address Govt. Arts College for Women, Tirunelveli
Pin Code 627 008
Location Tirunelveli
District Tirunelveli

Contact Govt. Arts College for Women, Tirunelveli

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Fathimashanaz. S 28th Jan 2024
sri sakthi sai 14th May 2023
12th marks
tamil - 90
english - 65
maths - 73
physics - 89
chemistry - 77
biology - 95
Mahalakshmi 10th May 2023
First graduation
M.swathi 07th Jul 2022,regular
Malathi.M 27th Jun 2022 computer science
M.Arul jothi 25th Jun 2022
Ashika. A 24th Jun 2022
Admission for BA
Sahaya Roja. M 22nd Jun 2022
Admission for
Sahaya Roja 21st Jun 2022
Admission for
10th marks 409
12th marks 536
Tamil 91
English 83
Phy 91
Che 94
CSC 93
Maths 84
I want to admission for Bsc Csc
K Preethi 16th May 2022
I want M. Sc computer science
Manimala.M 25th Aug 2021 science requested to I want this course mam
Manimala.M 25th Aug 2021
I want this course mam
K.Gomathi 03rd Aug 2021
K.Gomathi 01st Aug 2021
K.Gomathi 01st Aug 2021
Thamaraiselvi 27th Jul 2021
Thamaraiselvi 27th Jul 2021
SANGEETHA.M 03rd Jul 2021
BSC mathematics
SANGEETHA.M 03rd Jul 2021
2/98 Gandhiji Street,
Thirumalapuram, Ramanathapuram (po)
Sharmila devi.R 29th Jun 2021
I will study to government colleges
VIDHYA M 18th Jun 2021
10th Marks 394/500
munishwari.S 11th Sep 2020
College addmision
Varsha.A 20th Aug 2020
Maharasi A 24th Jul 2020
9994252391 8675415925
Maharasi A 24th Jul 2020
S.Pandi Muthu Mari 24th Jul 2020
Bushbha B 20th Jul 2020
Kohila.P 17th Jul 2020
Bsc, chemistry
y victoria 03rd Jul 2020
online apllication needed
TISHA AMALI 10th Apr 2020
B.Sc Mathematics
Dr.R.Panneerselvam 04th Apr 2020
PROFESSOR Cell: 9442220204

============================== ============================== ============================== ===
04.04.2020 Inline image
The Principal

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am happy to inform that I have published a Tamil Literature, “Elimaikkural” through PHI Learning Private Limited.
Description of Book: Since the birth of mankind, people started living i n groups, further they produced their necessary goods on their own. In the process of coexistence, there is a necessity for understanding others and also practicing of give and take policy. Among the relatives, a perfect understanding in terms of helping each other emanated automatically. After the emergence of civilization, people started living in villages and later migrated to towns and cities. Then the formation of countries and continents made people to connect internationally. In this process, their characteristics, living styles and business practices have improved to the current state of modern civilization across the world. There is a necessity to have guidelines for our life and culture, socialization and business organizations. In this respect, this text, “Elimaikkural” is fully developed based on authors 39 years of teaching and research experience, and his global societal observations. This text forms as a guide for the society at large and learning text for students at various levels starting from school to postgraduate level.

Features of this book
• Contains one hundred and forty four (144) headings, each containing 10 simple kurals.
• Total number of elimaikkurals in this text is one thousand four hundred and forty (1440).
• The one hundred and forty four headings are grouped into 10 major headings:”
o Devotion, o Wealth o Education o Relation o Character o Family o Country o Business o Time o Nature

• Full literature is developed with Venba grammar

Audience: Primarily designed for all sections of people, in particular a part of this Tamil literature for school students and in full for under graduate as well as post graduate students of Tamil language and literature will serve as text.

For Orders: Please contact:

Ms.Babita Misra,

Editorial Coordinator,

PHI Learning Private Limited,

Rimjhim House,

111, Patparganj Industrial Estate,

Delhi 110 092.

Email: bm.editorial@phindia. com

Cell: 09313663060
Please search in the website with the key Elimaikkural for details and discounts.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, (R.Panneerselvam)

M.sangareshwari 02nd Jun 2019
Why the cutoff mark
Muthulakshmi. R 07th May 2019
Is there M.A., English and what is the cut-off marks
aruna 27th Apr 2019
B.Sc Mathametics
prabha 27th Apr 2019
i want bsc course
R. Pratheepa 24th Apr 2019
I would like Ba. Economics in your college
E.Madhana sutha 23rd Apr 2019 physics studying
Siva sakthi.s 20th Apr 2019
I have completed 12th i interested for BBA in your college
Induja 20th Apr 2019
Application for BBA
Mercy A 06th Apr 2019
+2 completed I interested in your college I would like BSC botany so get information..

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