Vellore collector inaugurates mobile libraries with 4600 books in 60 schools

Vellore collector Raman inaugurated the services of a mobile library with 4600 books for the benefit of 60 government high schools and government higher secondary schools.
The inauguration of the mobile library was conducted in Munjurpet Government Higher Secondary School. This facility will benefit both the teachers and the students.
In his inaugural address, the collector informed that the plan to link the libraries functioning under the Vellore District Library Council with all the schools located nearby since the last few years.
With the help of the library personnel, the arrangement to hand over 100 books per month (50 books twice a week) to the headmasters of the schools nearby for the benefit of boy and girl students. These books will be returned to the library after the 1 month period and the books will be rotated and distributed to other schools.
The Directorate of School Education has ordered that this scheme must be included to cover the schools where the mobile library facility is not available.
The scheme has been introduced for the 1st time in the Munjurpet Higher Secondary School in Vellore district. For the direct benefit of the students. The teachers must use this opportunity to inculcate the habit of reading books among the students in order to gain general knowledge. The mobile library has a librarian (Grade-3) and a driver.
The library has 4600 books covering various topics including the moral stories, the biography of eminent people, essays on progress, literature, religion, and general knowledge. The students must utilise to the maximum effect.