There were translation errors in 49 questions out of 180 questions in NEET Tamil question paper

This is a shocking piece of news for the Tamil medium students who have written NEET. On Sunday, 6th May 2018 many students from TN wrote NEET is known. In the NEET Tamil question paper, 49 questions out of total 180 questions had translation errors. This might jeopardize the future of many Tamil medium students now.
A Chennai based NGO named’ Tech for all’ caught the attention of many on Wednesday, 9th May 2018 when it threw light on many glaring mistakes in the question paper that would have confused the students aiming to do well in the NEET for getting admissions to medical colleges.
Few translation errors were found in Biology question paper. The word ‘Cheetah’ was translated as ‘Seetha’ and the ‘Vowaal’ was translated as ‘Vovnaval’ etc.
Mr Ram Prakash who is the founder for Tech for all expressed his views. He spoke about how these errors would have confused many students and the students would not have attempted fearing negative markings.
He then highlighted the fact that few errors would not create issues for the students and they could overlook but presence of many translation errors would create issues for the students aiming for medical seats. He further stressed that CBSE must award 196 grace marks to Tamil medium students.
Lastly Mr. Ram Prakash spoke about how lack of Tamil books in NCERT syllabus was the major cause behind these errors in the question paper.
It is superb to note that the NGO ‘Tech for all’ trained as many as 3500 students belonging to poor families for this NEET in the virtual platform.
Thanks: livechennai