The government reservation of 85% quota (medical courses) not valid

The Chennai High Court has ruled today (Monday, 31st July) that the order of the state government of Tamil Nadu on the reservation quota of 85% for the students who studied under state syllabus is not valid.
After the verdict on NEET, the state government had issued an order on the reservation quota of 85% for the state students who studied under r the state syllabus.
Tarnish Kumar from Thanjavur and others filed a petition against this state government order to the Chennai High Court.
After the enquiry, conducted by a single judge, the state government order of 85% quota was declared invalid and was cancelled.
He further ordered that a fresh rank list must be prepared and then counselling must be conducted.
Admissions cannot be given against the rules and regulations of the Indian Medical Council. The counselling must be conducted as per the existing reservation quotas.
The Tamil Nadu Government appealed against this to the Chennai High Court. The bench which conducted this enquiry dismissed the state government appeal and confirmed the earlier order by the single judge bench.
The bench of judges emphasised that no more time must be wasted and the counselling should be organised at the earliest.
Thanks: livechennai