Tamil graduate teachers will also get incentive increment in the salary

The state department of education has ordered for the incentive payments to be made for the higher academic qualifications for the Tamil graduate teachers as well after their demand for the same over the last 4  years.
Tamil Nadu state government has been paying incentive increments for all the graduate teachers as a means of incentive for the high academic qualifications.
Under this scheme, the MA and MSc teachers got the first incentive payments. M. Ed. Teachers were given the 2nd incentive payment.
However, some of the universities removed the M.Ed. courses in their long-distance education courses offered. So, the teachers found it rather difficult to pursue M. Ed. Courses.
Consequently, the Department of Education released an order on 1st January 2013 that incentives may be paid also to the teachers who have completed M. Phil. or PhD instead of M. Ed.
As regards the Tamil graduate teachers, those who had completed Tamil Literature course in MA got one incentive payment. Those who further completed B.Ed. got the 2nd incentive payment.
However, among the Tamil teachers who did B, A, and B.Ed., only one incentive was given, that too, to the teachers who had completed MA. The 2nd incentive was not allowed.
So, they persistently protested against this demanding the 2nd incentive payment just like the teachers in other categories.
Subsequently, the Department of Education has ordered that the teachers may be given incentives during their service period. So, the graduate Tamil teachers, in case they have completed M.Ed. or M.Phil. or Ph. D. will also be eligible to be awarded the 2nd incentive payment. The Department of Education has further ordered that this would be implemented effective from the 1st January 2013.
Thanks: livechennai