Supreme Court grants permission to start a private Law College in Tindivanam

The Supreme Court has granted permission on Wednesday (15th May) to start a private Law College in Tindivanam in Tamil Nadu
A petition regarding this was submitted by the Advocates’ social justice confederation during the year 2014.
This petition was taken up for enquiry on 26th October 2016 by the Chennai High Court. The court refused permission to start Saraswathi Law College on behalf of the Vanniyar Sangam Endowment Board in Tamil Nadu and cancelled the order earlier released by the state government of Tamil Nadu.
It further announced that the application to start the private law college must be reviewed and scrutinized within 4 weeks by Dr. Ambedkar Law University to be followed by an order. However, as this order was not being implemented, a petition for the disrespect of court was submitted by the advocates Social Justice Confederation.
In this situation, the state government of Tamil appealed to the Supreme Court against the verdict of the Chennai High Court and the petition regarding the disrespect of the Court order. This enquiry was being conducted by the Supreme Court.
During the enquiry of this case conducted on 18th April, it was ordered that after the scrutiny of the Vanniyar Sangam Endowment Board’s Saraswathy Law College, The Indi Bar Council Law Committee should organise a meeting. Dr. Ambedkar Law university must scrutinize regarding the approval of the private college and submit a report before the next enquiry session.
In this scenario, the panel of judges comprising Arun Misra and U U Lalit took up the enquiry on his case on Wednesday (15th May).
During this enquiry, the advocate representing the Bar Council presented the report granting approval to start the private law college. Subsequently, the judges informed that the permission is granted to start the private Law College in Tindivanam.
Thanks: livechennai