Students rush for arts and science applications

After the announcement of class-12 results, on Monday, all the arts and science colleges in the city were opened for students to grab their application forms.
The Directorate of Collegiate Education has stressed on the fact that the colleges should strictly adhere to reservation rules and issue the merit list in their respective noticeboards.
The application fees is fixed as Rs 48 and registration fee as Rs 2.
Starting from the first day of publishing the results, the applications will be available for 10 days. Staring from the 11th day, merit lists should be issued on college websites. And from 15th May, college admissions would begin.
In his note about this, the Principal of Presidency College, Mr. R.Ravanan said so far about Rs 2700 hard copy applications are issued. This is notably ranked No. 3 in the National Institutional Ranking framework.
Online facility is newly introduced this year, says Mr. Ravanan. There is heavy demand from the northern states. About 25 students hail from northern regions. With this top ranking, there is increased awareness about the advantages of the institution, he oints.
The principal of Quaid-e-Millath Arts College says so far about 4000 forms are distributed.
The general secretary of Tamil Nadu Government College Teachers’ Association says the college are believed to abide by the rules imposed by DCE.
Just a few colleges are adhering to the rules. In his note, a few colleges at the western regions say the admission have got over as they fill vacancies based on first come, first serve basis.