Smart card with embedded SIM card to aid parents track their kids

After your child leaves your home, you are probably worried about his whereabouts and feel insecure. Worry no more, as the education minister K.A. Sengottaiyan has rolled out an announcement about SIM card embedded smart cards. These are soon to be introduced to students across the state. These cards will double up to ensure student attendance in school.
Parents can make use of these smart cards to help their parents for gathering information about the student including that of education details and academic records.
Question bank is getting ready
Replying to a query raised, the minister said a question bank containing 54,000 questions is being prepared. This will be of help for the students to prepare for competitive exams. To train these students, about 412 locations are selected. This will be a 3-hour session conducted on holidays and weekends for these competitive examinations.
Further, for various Union Public Service Commission exams, the district libraries will make use of it as coaching centre.
The minister said all these initiatives shall come into effect within about one month time.
At a cost of Rs 462 crore, over 6,029 schools will be given out with computers and smart classrooms will be set up in more than 3,000 schools.
Thanks: livechennai