New Engg syllabus to allow students study for 5 years

Starting from this academic year, there will be 5 years for completing engineering degree. More importance will be given for industrial training and online courses in the revised syllabus that is likely to be introduced in engineering colleges.
On Wednesday, the Anna University’s academy council is set to meet. During the meeting, it is likely that it will give approval for the new engineering syllabus and widen the choice based credit system to the affiliated engineering colleges.
One of the members of the syllabus committee said the new syllabus aims at launching advanced programing languages and technologies right during the first year.
According to the draft syllabus, in the first year, students will have advanced programing language called Python instead of the basic C, C++. In the new syllabus, students will be able to opt for big data as an elective paper. All the branches will have data analytics included.
One other professors aid engineering graduates will be enabled to study the course for 5 years, as per the new curriculum.
The slow learners can take up just 4 subjects in a semester and fast learners can take up to 8 subjects. While slow learners will be able to complete the course in 5 years, it is advantage in not having any arrears and still pass with distinction. Comparatively, the fast learners will be able to study 6 subjects in a semester. Industrial training and abroad internships are also available as options.
Thanks: livechennai