NEET exercise books for Government Schools

In order to prepare the students well for writing NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) for medical courses, there is a plan to fund for procuring special exercise books to 3000 government higher secondary schools with the financial assistance from the central government.
In order to improve the infrastructure in the government schools and also provide additional facilities for the students, the middle-level education plan is being implemented on behalf of the central government.
Accordingly, Several thousands of Crores are given as assistance to the state governments every year.
As per this plan, Rs. 25000 is given to each government secondary and higher secondary school every year to develop the school library and to buy new books. Books required for the library will be procured through this money. Over the last 5 years, the students could not avail the full financial assistance given by the central government as books of not much use or benefit were bought from private agencies and the money was thus wasted.
I order to bring the malpractices to an end, the central government has advised that exercise books such as for NEE, JEE, etc., should be procured and kept. These can be distributed to the students. Accordingly, the Directorate of the Middle-Level Education has ordered the schools to procure the exercise books.
Thanks: livechennai