Mandatory Pass system up to 8th Standard in schools abolished

  1. The central government has approved the proposal to cancel the prevailing system of mandatory pass up to the 8th standard in the schools.
Approval has also been granted to set up 20 International Quality Academic Institutions throughout the country.
In the prevailing school system, all the students are promoted automatically from the 1st standard up to the 8th Standard. However, this system has met with a lot of comments and criticisms from various quarters. Following this, the central government has come forward to cancel this system of mandatory promotions till the 8th Standard.
So, the cancellation of the above system was approved in the central cabinet ministry meeting on 2nd August, presided by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Further, during this meeting, approval was given to set up 20 International High-Quality academic Institutions throughout the country. Accordingly, a proposal will be made shortly in the parliament.
  1. Thanks: livechennai