In Chennai, the need for single window admission for arts and science seats is more now

For many years both students as well as parents have been facing huge discomfort during the admission for arts and sciences programmes. They are forced to buy multiple applications at college counters or online. It is known that the application process for engineering and medical aspirants involves just single form. The colleges in Chennai that offers different science and arts courses follow the same old pattern of multiple forms.
Now many academicians feel that it is time for single window system for the educational institutions offering arts and science programmes. The academicians also feel that this single window system would be superb for the students and would reduce unfair advantage. The government at present wants to continue the same old pattern and does not want any change in the pattern.
Secretary of Association of University Teachers or AUT, Mr. N. Shettu expressed his views regarding this and spoke about how in the single window system a candidate needs to submit just one single application and how admission would be carried out depending on the merit of the candidates.
He also spoke about how the students presently apply to several colleges and spend for multiple applications in a single institution. The amount of Rs 300 or above is being spent by the students for applications. Carrying out the entire admission process at minimum cost would be possible in the single window system.
This secretary of AUT further threw light on how there is no fixed fee structure currently and how the colleges fix their fees as per their wish. Fixed quota for government as well as private colleges would be superb. He then explained regarding how the norms were not followed as admissions in self financing colleges are done much before the process of admission starts in the government colleges.
Single window system for admission would be fantastic and would be a great resource saving mechanism. This was confirmed by none other than Mr. Anandhakrishnan who was former vice-chancellor of Anna University and the chairman of school education department’s curriculum framework committee. He later highlighted that single window system would be beneficial for both students and parents. Seats going waste would not be there anymore in this single window system.
Mr. Anandhakrishnan further spoke about how someone has to take the responsibility for holding counselling. He then explained how all the vice-chancellors belonging to various universities must meet and develop a common policy and procedure on this single window system of admission.