Free admission in private school under RTE, lucky draw on 28th May

Under the Act of the RTE (Right to Education) scheme, 1,10 lakh individuals have registered so far seeking admission in private schools for their children.
The director of Matric School, Kannappn, informed that this year the number of applications have been more than our expectations. The applications will be scrutinized from today. Checking will be done for the proper filling up of the application and the attachment of the requisite documents.
Subsequently, SMS (‘Application is qualified’) will be sent on 23rd May to the applicants who have qualified.
Finally, the list of the selected applicants will be sent to all the schools.
The lucky draw will be conducted in the schools on 28th May in the presence of officials from the Education and Revenue Departments.
For the successful candidates, admissions will be given from 28th to 31st May.
It had been announced earlier that the lucky draw for the admission will be conducted on 23rd May. However, the results of the 10th Standard Public Examinations are scheduled to be released on the same date of 23rd May. Hence, the date of the lucky draw has been postponed to 28th May.
Thanks: livechennai