For an additional period of 15 days, schools in TN would function in this year

School students in Tamil Nadu are presently enjoying their summer vacations is known. Soon the schools would be re-opening in the month of June. One piece of news has come out now. It is now said that schools in the state of Tamil Nadu might function for an additional period of 15 days in this year.
On Monday, 21st of May 2018, a meeting took place and in this meeting the chief educational officers were told to make a academic calendar consisting of 225 days.
The main objective of this is to make students as well as the teachers to get acclimatised to the new textbooks. This was confirmed by the government sources. It is known that till last year the schools in TN functioned for a period of 210 days and out of the 210 days 25 days were allotted for the examinations. There won’t be change in the number of days for examinations. According to a District Educational Officer or DEO, the new textbooks are 10- to 20 % more voluminous when compared to the older textbooks. So 200 days in a year is needed to complete the portions on time.
As per an official it is now clear that classes would be conducted on the Saturdays so that quarterly or half-yearly vacations of the students are not disturbed. The school educational minister Mr. K.A. Sengottaiyan informed CEO`s and DEO`s regarding this. Students studying in the classes 1, 6, 9 and 11 would get new textbooks and additional classes would be held for these students of the above said classes. As per the earlier announcement the schools in TN would re-open on 1st of June 2018 and there would not be any extension of ongoing summer vacations.
The school education minister later spoke about how the number of educational districts has been increased from 67 to 119 and how three to four blocks are merged and formed an educational district. The functioning of each district would be monitored by one DEO. Monitoring RTE admissions, collecting fees in private schools, acting as appointing authority, filling of vacant teacher posts are some of the works that are assigned to field level officers now.
One important point to note is a mammoth amount of Rs 27,987 crores has been allotted for restructuring of education system. The department would undertake the reviewing of infrastructure, toilet facilities, sanitation aspects etc. Faulty buildings would be identified and repaired soon.
Thanks: livechennai