Credit system in distance education course by UGC

The University Grants Commission has recently released new regulations. In this, it has introduced a new credit system for open and distance learning courses.
According to the norms stated, there will be 96 to 100 credits for 3-year bachelor’s degree, and for 2-year master’s degree, there will be 64 to 72 credits.
The credit value for practical sessions, counselling sessions, self-learning materials and study inputs are also awarded.
In his comment about this, P. Duraisamy, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Madras states that the best change introduced to the distance mode course is this choice based credit system. When a candidate is not willing to take up a particular subject in a semester, he or she is free to choose the preferred subjects.
IDE degrees can thus see an uplift in quality. With this credit systems, there will also be newer opportunities based on credits. This will become more broad-based.
The new regulations also alerts the institutions to follow territorial jurisdiction for distance mode courses.
Jurisdiction issue is nothing new. Effectively managing the centres across the country is quite difficult for universities. They will be able to manage centres and organize exams in restricted area, he adds.