CBSE decides to reduce the heavier burden of studies for school students

CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education) has decided to reduce the present study-cum-workload of the school children. Presently, the central government’s NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) system is being followed in all CBSE schools.
The parents of the school students had complained that the students are subjected extreme mental tension as they have to study and absorb subjects and details as per the syllabus not really suitable for their age and qualification and much higher.
Subsequently, CBSE has come forward to address the above grievance of the parents of the school students and has decided to reduce the study load as per the present syllabus.
The initiatives for this commenced about a month ago. The central government has decided to do away with the present system rote memory skill of the learned lessons to an integrated system based on personal skill development and the lifestyle methods.
A duration of 30 days has been given for the parents of the school students and the educationists to give their feedback and suggestions about this proposal.
The views/suggestions can be registered on the website of the central government department of human welfare –