80,000 Online Engineering Counselling Applications

For the Online Engineering Counselling conducted by Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) Committee, around 80,000 Students have applied for acquiring their session in the Counselling.
Among this 15,000 students are from CBSE board waiting for their Class 12 Examination results. Counselling and admissions are simplified by TNEA in terms of distant counselling application that exceeds 90 percent of total applications received by TNEA and a total average of 10% students applied directly in TNEA centers.
After the initial registration the candidate have to visit the TFCs for the verification of Merit Certificates and Personal Identification documents. This session of direct certificate verification is schedules for the first week of June.
TNEA secretary V.Rhymend Uthariaraj said that the final schedule for the certificate verification will be announced after the applications are processed. He also mentioned that candidate have to bring their original certificated and documents along with the mentioned number of Photocopies. If a person submits a valid authorization letter for their unavailability, they can send their own representative to attend the direct certificate verification. Wrong information provided at the times of online application can be changed in the direct verification schedule through providing original certificates for the rectification process.
A booklet with details of all engineering colleges and frequently asked questions about the counselling will be provided for the candidates. A presentation video will be showcased in the TFCs explaining the next level phases of online counselling.
Once the students select the option and freeze the selection, they will be provided with considerable amount of time to join the particular college with all necessary documents.
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