+2 Public Examination results: Chennai district secures 14th place

The Chennai district has secured the 14th place in this list of the most successful districts in the state of Tamil Nadu on the +2 Public Examination results – securing a success of 93.09%.
Though the Chennai Metro City has the best-required infrastructure, the district could not even manage to come within the top 10 places at least.
23220 boys and 27054 girls from the government and private schools in Chennai district wrote the +2 public examinations a total of 50274 students, which is the maximum among all the districts in the state.
Out of this, 20727 boys passed and 26075 girls passed making up a total of 46802 passes. This constitutes 93.09% success.
As for the government high schools, 4098 students wrote the +2 public examinations from 21 government high schools out of which 3592 passed. This constitutes 87.65%.
Thus, Chennai district has managed to secure the 14th place among the top districts including all schools and 15th place while considering only the government high schools.
Thanks: livechennai